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A complete, flexible HR solution featuring robust technology and a team of experts

Whether you want to outsource your entire HR, payroll and benefits functions or just need help with a specific area, we got you covered. Our modularized service offerings combined with fractional ownership of experienced experts and simple, but powerful technology, offers a unique solution to help you elevate the people that make your business go.

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Diagram showing Point A (startups, under-resourced HR teams, etc.) to Point B (Melita) and another point that deviates from that direction, which represents PEO/HR/DIY

Getting from point A to point B in a straight line

Every business leader knows that their people are the most important element to the success of their organization. Building, retaining and engaging an exceptional team requires an exceptional HR function, with broad and deep expertise in the multitude of tactical and strategic aspects of HR.

So what is the fastest and most effective way to get your business from Point A (where you are today) to Point B (An Exceptional, scalable, technology-enabled, in-house HR, Benefits & Payroll functions)?

A total solution with service modules you can turn ON and OFF

With our modular services you get complete complete control over what you need. Our flexible approach allows you to add or remove services at any time.

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Click on each individual service modules for a brief outline of the service. To navigate to the individual service page for more information, click learn more. As part of the total HR solution, you are able to add or remove each module as your business requires.

Meet your team of specialists

Executing the diverse HR, benefits, payroll, and HR technology tasks effectively requires a team with comprehensive skill sets, attention to detail, and a customer service mindset.

With Melita, you gain access to a dedicated team of experienced specialists on your side, but not on your payroll, who work seamlessly together to protect your business and serve your employees. Each team member has well-defined responsibilities, taking ownership of their work, providing you with peace of mind and reliable support.

Group of Bitmelitians representing the group of experts that are available through Melita
Mockup of an ADP screen with a MyMelita screen layered over it

Proven all-in-one technology plus MyMelita client portal

Choosing the right HR technology is crucial for long-term success, and it's a daunting task. But we make it easy, because we are constantly evaluating and assessing the entire HR technology market and we currently support what we consider to be the best in the industry: ADP Workforce Now, Rippling, and Zenefits. Each of them are true all-in-one systems and each is scalable and can grow with your business long-term.

We have mastered each of these technologies so you simply choose which option is right for your business, then we install, configure, manage and support it for you. And because we don't believe in "stickiness", you own the contract directly with your technology so you can retain it even if you discontinue Melita's services. We will even train your staff to make the transition smooth and easy.

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Excellence in execution - quality services & quality support

Administering HR, Benefits and payroll involves a high volume of transactions and activities that carry substantial risk if not executed thoroughly and properly. Mistakes could expose the company to employment liability, financial losses, and/or frustrated employees. This requires an extraordinary attention to detail, thoroughly designed processes, and expert execution by experienced professionals.That one of the many intangibles you get with Melita. We are a small, values based business and we take pride in our work. We measure our success on how well we execute, not on our revenues.

Venn diagram of broad & deep expertise, regimented process, and great technology, with Melita in the middle
Woman outside looking back and smiling

Ease of transition to independence

We believe in what we do and we stand behind our work by giving our clients the freedom to leave us any time.  Our philosophy is simple.  We want our clients to keep us only if they feel we deliver quality services at a competitive price.  If our client feels we are not the best option and/or they want to bring some of the work we do in-house, we won't stand in the way by trying to be "sticky".

Our “no stickiness” promise

We believe in long-term relationships based upon trust and value, not contracts or gimmicks!

  • You can add or remove service modules at any time. If you remove a service module we will even train your internal staff to take over the work.
  • You own the contracts with all of your benefits vendors so you can change brokers any time if you feel Melita isn't meeting your needs.
  • Our client contract allows freedom to adjust service levels and/or terminate services with a 60 day notice.
  • You own the contract for the ADP, Zenefits or Rippling technology. We simply install it and manage it for you, but you can continue without disruption if you move away from Melita.

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Give your people a wokplace experience they'll rave about

Whether you’re looking for payroll support, help with compliance, or onboarding best practices, you can fully customize your HR solution to choose as many or as few services as you’d like. Get in touch with one of our HR specialists today or see our pricing to build a custom quote, instantly.