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We didn't reinvent the wheel, we just made it better!  We leverage market-leading technologies including ADP’s Workforce Now™, Rippling, and Zenefits.  We have mastered all of them.  We help you choose which option is best for your business, then we implement it, configure it, and manage it for you.  And to make it easy for you, we implement our sleek, user-friendly MyMelita client portal which becomes your single portal with total visibility to your entire HR operation.

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Our integrated technology partners

ADP's market leading Workforce Now platform

By far, the largest market share in the 25 - 2,000 employee market.  Complex, but powerful and proven, global technology"

Rippling's modern and robust global technology platform

Modern, innovative and robust, Rippling is the fastest growing HR technology platform in the country, and for good reason.

Zenefits simple and powerful technology platform

Modern, user-friendly technology platform featuring user friendly interface and backed by parent company, TriNet

Technology is a tool, not a solution

Technology can be a powerful tool. However, tools alone are worthless if they aren’t expertly deployed. But combine the best technologies with optimized configuration, full utilization, and experienced professionals that are trained as power users, and you have a complete, powerful solution!

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MyMelita Portal

The MyMelita client portal is fully integrated with your HRIS for a painless client experience. Simply input all HR “events” (new hire, termination, employee changes, leave requests, etc) into the user-friendly MyMelita portal and we take it from there.  MyMelita updates your HRIS in real-time, and simultaneously triggers a complete workflow of tasks and actions to be taken by your Melita team to ensure thorough, timely and accurate execution of the many moving parts associated with HR, payroll and benefits administration.

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Your central global command center

Everything you need in one place, MyMelita is simple enough for a non-HR person to use, but powerful enough to be a useful tool for HR professionals.  A few of the key features include:

  • Single portal for domestic and international employees
  • No need to enter data in multiple systems; integrated with HRIS and document storage
  • Complete cloud-based HR, benefits & payroll document storage (via Box™ integration)
  • Workflow management/ project management to ensure every task is completed on time for a consistently high quality experience for you and your employees
  • Activity Status – view real-time status and progress of all employee events and other projects managed by your Melita Team
  • Roster of your assigned Melita Team of Specialists with photos, bios, summary of responsibilities, and contact info for each team member
  • Dashboards showing Key Performance Indicators of your HR function
  • Compliance Dashboard showing status of all compliance actions with responsibilities and due dates
  • Complete payroll calendar for all countries
  • Optional integration with leading ATS technologies such as Lever, and Greenhouse
  • Mobile-enabled for all iOS and Android devices
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Strong, stable and scaleable, AND portable

Typically when you outsource, you are trading portability in exchange for a strong, scaleable, managed technology solution. The “cost” of doing so is that you have to migrate to an entirely new technology when you leave your outsourcing vendor partner.  Not with Melita! Although we completely manage the implementation, configuration and support of your HRIS technology, you own the contract directly with the technology vendor so you can continue with no interruption if/when you grow to the point where you want to take on more of the work yourself.  We will even train and support your internal team to make the transition seamless and pain free.

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With our modular services, you pick and choose what you need, when you need it. You also have the added flexibility of adding or removing modules at any time as your business needs change.

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