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Discover a new and innovative approach to outsourcing your HR, payroll and benefits!

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Transform your business with a complete HR, benefits and payroll solution that you own, tailored to your business and supported by our team of experts.

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Build a strong people foundation

From startup to enterprise, our total HR solution gives you fractional ownership of a complete team of specialists, with years of experience, so each and every component of your HR, benefits, payroll and HR technology runs smoothly and efficiently.

Exceptional HR is a difference maker

One of the most important, and often underestimated, components of building a successful business, is an exceptional HR function. Data show overwhelmingly that businesses with an engaged workforce perform significantly better than their competitors, so exceptional HR should be a priority for all business leaders.

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Achieving exceptional HR is simple, but not easy

Achieving excellence in any endeavor starts with the fundamentals. But the fundamentals of HR are a spread across a broad spectrum that include a mix of tactical and strategic components. So while the fundamentals are not complex, the expertise and skill sets required to master them requires a full team of experienced specialists.

Our Solution: Complete, Flexible, Technology-enabled, and People-powered

We help our clients achieve exceptional HR with our out-of-the-box, but highly configurable package of services and technology, masterfully managed by a dedicated team of experienced specialists.

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Complete, flexible suite of HR, Benefits and Payroll service modules

Streamline your HR, Benefits, and Payroll processes with our suite of customizable service modules, offering complete flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

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Fractional ownership of a team of experienced specialists

Harness the power of fractional ownership and unlock the expertise of a team of seasoned specialists ready to elevate your business to new heights, at a fraction of the cost.

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Market-leading technology

Stay ahead of the curve with market-leading technology, empowering you to optimize efficiency, drive innovation, and outperform your competition in today's dynamic business landscape.

Global HR Technology that scales as you grow

We utilize industry leading platforms including ADP's Workforce Now™, Rippling, and Zenefits, so you get to choose the platform that best fits your current and long-term needs.  Whichever option you choose, you get a complete HR, benefits, payroll, and time & attendance solution, implemented, configured and managed by your Melita team.

On top of the core technology platform sits our user friendly MyMelita client portal.  All you have to do is enter any HR "events" such a new hires, terms and changes into the portal and we take it from there.  Your core HR technology platform is updated in real-time and you have full visibility and easy access to check on all events and activities managed by your Melita team.

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A solution that adapts to your evolving business

One size doesn’t fit all. We offer flexible services that can be modified at any time to suit your needs. Our modular services model allows you to add or remove services based on your business requirements and budget.

We understand the challenges of making long-term commitments in the fast-paced business world. Unlike vendors that create difficulties in transitioning off their platform, Melita provides complete freedom and flexibility to modify services and transition to independence as your business grows.

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Our “no stickiness” promise

We believe in long-term relationships based upon trust and value, not contracts or gimmicks!

  • You can add or remove service modules at any time. If you remove a service module we will even train your internal staff to take over the work.
  • You own the contracts with all of your benefits vendors so you can change brokers any time if you feel Melita isn't meeting your needs.
  • Our client contract allows freedom to adjust service levels and/or terminate services with a 60 day notice.
  • You own the contract for the ADP, Zenefits, or Rippling technology. We simply install it and manage it for you, but you can continue without disruption if you move away from Melita.

We’re global, so we’ve got you covered wherever you are

Embrace the future of work with confidence. Melita's comprehensive services will support your remote team from all 50 U.S. states, to any country in the world.

We are your go-to source for streamlined global HR.

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See how we can help you on your path to building an exceptional HR

Whether you’re looking for payroll support, help with compliance, or onboarding best practices, you can fully customize your HR solution to choose as many or as few services as you’d like. Get in touch with one of our HR specialists today to build a custom quote, instantly.