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Benefits are one of your largest expenses and are a big part of your compensation package. You need a benefits partner with an extensive experience, a reputation for integrity, and truly unbiased advice and guidance. We have been advising our clients for over 30 years and we are proud of our track record and reputation for being trusted advisors to our clients.

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Eliminating the conflict of interest associated with benefits commissions

Many brokers are focused on maximizing their commissions so they “steer” business to certain insurance carriers that pay higher commissions or incentive bonuses.  Or they offer proprietary products to differentiate themselves, which only clouds their objectivity further. 

With Melita, your Benefits Advisor has no conflict of interest because we charge a fee for our services and the fee is not tied to the premiums you pay.  So you can trust our unbiased advice and you can rest assured that we will present you with the entire marketplace of options because we don’t favor any one insurance carrier over another.

Designing a benefits package that fits your business

Your benefits package should be aligned with your company’s compensation philosophy and your culture. Considering how much of your company budget goes to benefits costs, it’s important to get it right. At Melita we take a structured approach, that includes:

  • A track record for delivering for our clients
  • Expert analytical modeling to help you make educated, informed decisions on plan designs and employee/employer cost sharing
  • Competitive benchmarks against companies that are targeting the same talent pool
  • Creative/innovative ideas on various plans and structures to maximize your benefits investment

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Get the most of out of your employee benefits dollars

Poor communication and support strategies often lead to undervalued and underappreciated benefits. At Melita, we prioritize effective communication and support to enhance the perceived quality and value of your benefits investments. Our services encompass clear, concise benefits communications and comprehensive employee support, ranging from assisting new hires with enrollment decisions to resolving claim issues.

We ensure the protection of your investment by ensuring our clients are fully compliant with all benefits mandates and reporting requirements. With our commitment to clear, timely, and engaging communications and support, we strive to optimize the understanding and appreciation of your benefits program.

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With our modular services, you pick and choose what you need, when you need it. You also have the added flexibility of adding or removing modules at any time as your business needs change.

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Our modular services allow you to pick and choose the services that your business needs, exactly when you need them.

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