Why Us

Your success is our "why?"

We provide services that help our clients build exceptional workplaces, where their employees feel supported, valued, and proud of the work they do and the company they do it for – that’s our mission and it embodies our “why” that gives purpose and meaning to our work.

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Our offerings are rooted in flexibility and freedom of choice, not in "stickiness"

We believe all successful relationships are based upon trust, and value at a competitive price with complete flexibility, giving you absolute freedom to add, remove or modify our services when your business requires it.

Service “modules” for total flexibility

Each of our services are “modular” so you can pick and choose only what you need, and you can add/remove service modules as needed. Bundle all of our service modules for a complete HR, Benefits, Payroll and technology solution, or choose a al carte only the service modules you need.

Choose your solution with freedom

We are not tied to any specific benefits products, and we don’t stick you with any proprietary technologies that would make you dependent upon Melita. Instead, we guide you in choosing the most competitive benefits products that are best suited for your business.

Thrive and grow with full transparency

As your HR partner, we prioritize transparency and openly share knowledge and data. With Melita, you gain complete visibility into our operations. Our dynamic, long-term partnership with HR experts guides you every step, even if you’re ready to transition and “graduate” to independence as you grow.

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Fractional ownership of a team of experts

When you partner with Melita, you gain fractional ownership of a complete team of specialists who will proactively execute your HR activities – compliance and expertise guaranteed.

Plus, as your business grows, we will help place and/or train your internal staff to replace the individual Melita team members.

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Technology enabled, people powered

Technology is a tool, a very powerful tool, but only when combined with trained experts that know how to configure, optimize, and utilize the technology.  

When you work with Melita, your assigned Team of Specialists will manage the entire implementation of a global, cloud-based, highly secure platform. Post implementation your Melita Team manages all of your HR, benefits, and payroll functions on the platform including an employee portal and mobile app.

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We treat your employees like they’re our employees

The quality of support your employees receive impacts their engagement levels. From onboarding to benefits assistance, every employee interaction is an opportunity to prove that you care about and value them. At Melita, we take the work of supporting your employees with HR, benefits, and payroll very seriously. And we have a Net Promoter Score of 73 to prove it.

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Continuity is key

Traditional HR outsourcing presents challenges during the transition back to in-house or a new HR partner. It involves multiple changes, such as implementing new benefit plans, payroll vendors, adopting new technologies, establishing processes, and creating documentation.

Melita's solution gives you total control over the technology, benefit plans, payroll vendor and compliance documentation, providing complete continuity with no disruption to your business.

A powerful combination

What makes us unique is we combine the best elements of the three most common solutions for managing HR, benefits, payroll and technology among small- to mid-sized businesses:

Professional Employer Organization (PEO): The turnkey service model
Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO): The expertise and comprehensive package of services
Internal build: The freedom and flexibility to customize

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Why our clients love working with us

With Melita, we operate as if OptiRTC has it’s own dedicated HR department. Every Melita teammate is knowledgeable, professional and truly cares about our company, and it shows. Karen Garavatti is my 'HR Trusted Advisor" as she takes the time to listen to my Opti teammates and myself very closely, building a very strong level of trust. Melita is proactive in addressing our needs, understands our culture, and knows the right resources and strategies to introduce at the right time. With Melita, I know that OptiRTC matters a lot, and that comes through loud and clear to team Opti."
David Rubinstein
CEO, Opti
For years we have been impressed with Melita’s expertise in benefits, HR compliance and performance management. Our contacts at Melita are always extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond, and truly feel like a part of our internal team and not just another vendor. We value that Melita offers a one-stop shop for a wide range of critical services and that they can scale the support our team receives as we grow. Onboarding Melita was organized and efficient and they were able to get up to speed quickly on the unique needs of our business. We are excited to continue our partnership!”
Miles McGinley
COO, Clarity Consultants
Melita provided Eaze Technologies Inc. with human resource support to include payroll, benefits, compliance, and overall general support. Melita went above and beyond at any and all services they supported and provided. Everyone was timely with responses, and added guidance on completing the tasks at hand. I valued the partnership with everyone we worked with at Melita, because they genuinely cared and wanted to be as supportive as they possibly could. No matter the question or task you sought out Melita’s for, they were always willing and able to support the needs. Melita truly cares about the people they support, and you just don’t find that many places. I would highly recommend any company no matter the size, to seek out Melita to support any of the HR services functions."
Samantha Adams
Sr. Director HR, Eaze Technologies Inc.
I have been incredibly happy with the service that I get from Melita as Antheia’s benefits broker. Their dedication, expertise and genuine care for our company’s well-being is very apparent. They do an excellent job marketing our benefits and ensuring that we have a competitive and cost-effective benefits program. Their comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits has been evident as they have guided us over the years through the complex decision-making process. They have a very proactive approach, keeping us informed about industry trends, regulatory changes and emerging best practices. Communications have been seamless and transparent throughout our partnership and they are always readily available to answer our questions, provide clarifications and ensure that new employees are onboarded correctly. August and Ellen are an amazing team and I feel very lucky to partner with them on our benefits strategy.
Heidi Purcel
Chief People Officer, Antheia
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Your trusted, people-first HR partner every step of the way

Do you want a strong people foundation to achieve an engaged workforce? Take it from a Great Place to Work™.

We have 30+ years of experience delivering HR solutions that drive people-first cultures – starting with our own.

It’s one of the reasons our clients trust us to serve their employees with the support, expertise, empathy and guidance of our full team of HR, benefits, payroll, and compliance experts.

Our success is measured by your results

We’re a privately-owned business with no investors to answer to. For over 30 years, our mission has been to help our clients create workplaces where employees realize their full potential and feel proud of what they do, where they do it.

We take pride in our work and only offer services where we can make a meaningful impact by being best-in-class – and the results speak for themselves.

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