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Skip the time-consuming sales process and get to the bottom line

Picking the right PEO partner is important, but time consuming, and it helps to have a trusted expert to advise and guide you.  We can help!

  • Free Quotes from the top PEOs in the country
  • Detailed side-by-side comparison & analysis of all key decision criteria
  • Expert advice and guidance with evaluation & selection
  • Negotiation power to secure the best deal

Your costs are the same whether you get quotes through Melita or direct with each PEO. Melita is paid a commission by the PEOs and the commission amount is the same regardless of which PEO you select, so you can be confident in our objectivity.  

Detailed Quotes & Objective Analysis

Your Melita HR Solutions Advisor prepares side-by-side comparison report including all key decision factors

Key Decision Factors

Employee benefits coverage and costs
Workers' compensation costs
Employment Liability Insurance costs
401(k) costs
Administration/Service Fees
Technology capabilities and ease of use
Employee benefits coverage and costs
Reputation for overall service quality
Employee benefits coverage and costs
Financial strength of PEO
Employee benefits coverage and costs

Cost Factors

Quality Factors

Meet your dedicated Melita Specialists

HR Solutions Advisor

Your assigned HR Solutions Advisor and Benefits Advisor are responsible and accountable for the following:

  Market Analysis Proposal

  • Gather information needed to provide a complete, accurate proposal
  • Manage entire PEO quoting process with each PEO
  • Prepare proposal of all PEO options alongside client’s current situation
  • Prepare analysis and recommendations based upon client’s priorities, budget and goals
Benefits Advisor

  Guidance & Advice

  • Review proposal and analysis with client decision makes
  • Provide client with expert guidance and advice based on client’s priorities, budget and goals
  • Facilitate technology demos, introductions to key PEO contacts, etc. as needed to assist client with making final decision
  • Manage negotiations with PEO finalist candidates selected by client

Additional PEO Services

Consultative, hands-on expert project management and post-implementation support to fill the gaps


Turnkey management of the entire project from an experienced team of specialists


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