Transform your ADP technology from a problematic tool into a powerful solution

Our team of ADP Workforce Now specialists will configure, support and manage your ADP portal and act as your remote HR, payroll, and technology partner. Simply provide us with your email to schedule your free 15 minute assessment.

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How the Melita ADP Rapid Response team can help you, and fast

Dedicated support from Melita, not ADP!

We provide comprehensive hands-on support for all ADP modules, including Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits, Time & Attendance, and Employee/Manager Self-Service. We are experts in handling the complexities and nuances of these modules, and we are committed to delivering top-notch service to our clients.

Fast and reliable support with ADP expertise

We are fast to respond and we are super users of the ADP Workforce Now technology. Our team is equipped to handle any challenges that may arise and are committed to providing exceptional support to our clients.

Payroll processing

We have a team of Payroll Specialists ready to act as your remote payroll person. Our payroll processing team will be up and running quickly, ensuring there are no mistakes and no disruptions to your payroll administration.

State tax jurisdiction setup

In addition to tax research and tax filings, which are currently not handled by ADP (R & D Tax Credit, State-specific filings, etc), our team will looking after all your tax requirements on your behalf to ensure compliance and risk mitigation.

Utilization & configuration audit

The utilization and configuration audit will drastically improve the set up and use of your ADP WFN technology. This will allow us to remove any inefficiencies and make sure that everything is set up properly.

Outsourced HR, benefits and payroll services

In addition to Payroll Processing we also offer modular services for HR Compliance, Leave of Absence management, and HR/Benefits administration. As your HR partner, you can access an out-of-the box, but highly configurable HR foundation to help elevate your business and your people.

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Get fractional ownership of a complete team of specialists at a fraction of the cost

With Melita, you get fractional ownership of a team of specialists, dedicated to your business for a fraction of what it would cost to manage your HR, payroll, benefits in-house.

Plus, with our dedicated support team, you never have to worry about calling ADP again. We take care of everything for you, alongside your team, for as long as you need us.

What you get with our complete HR, Benefits & Payroll services

Customized infrastructure to support your business growth

We build and manage a complete HR infrastructure of processes, policies, procedures, employee communications, and technology implementation for you. And because it is custom for your business, you can take it over when you’re ready.

Competitive benefits packages to attract and retain top performers

Access an entire benefits marketplace, blended with expert, unbiased advice to help you build a competitive benefits package for your employees at cost effective rates. We ensure your benefits package aligns with your compensation philosophy.

Turnkey payroll solution for timely and accurate payroll

Your dedicated Melita Payroll Specialists supports managers, and employees with payroll processing, time cards and PTO requests and prepares all reports. Employees are able to access paystubs, time cards, and balances via our intuitive mobile app.

Powerful technology to streamline your HR

All-in-one HR, Benefits & Payroll cloud technology with optional Time & Attendance, Performance Management & Applicant tracking modules. We install, configure and support your technology so you have a powerful tool that can grow with your business.

Total compliance for peace of mind

Complete infrastructure of compliant, yet employee friendly, HR & Benefits policies and procedures. Ongoing tracking of proprietary compliance dashboard to ensure your business is protected in the ever-changing world of HR compliance.

Advanced reporting & metrics to help you make informed decisions

Custom configured analytics and benchmarking dashboards that include: Gender Pay Equity, Headcount changes, Salary Data, Compensation Summary Data, and much more. We manage and produce the dashboards and reports on your behalf.

About Melita

Our complete HR outsourcing services combines modern HR practices with cloud-based technology and high-touch services delivered and supported by a team of specialists on your side, but not on your payroll. As a results-driven organization, we hold ourselves accountable for our promises, and we celebrate the successes of our clients.

We measure ourselves by the success of our clients, the happiness of our employees, and the impact we have on our industry. For 30 years we have been providing world class support to all of our clients, retaining 97% year over year.