Keeping your business secure by minimizing risk.

In the complex and ever-changing world of HR and Benefits, it’s hard to get compliant and stay that way without proactive assistance and support from a knowledgable third party. One of our key roles at Melita is to assist you with your legal and compliance requirements through onsite audits and ongoing monitoring and communication.

To get and keep you compliant we offer:


With comprehensive assessment through employee surveys and organizational reviews, we keep you informed and advised about the laws and rules that affect your organization.

HR compliance and best practices audits.

The enormous growth and expansion of employment litigation has resulted in increased liability and obligations for employers of all sizes. Our HR Compliance Audit, a review and analysis of HR policies and practices, helps you minimize exposure to employment litigation.

Benefits compliance and best practices audits.

With healthcare reform and the evolving employee benefits and insurance legislative environment, Benefits compliance is becoming ever more complex and risky. It’s critical to have a partner that is proactive, hands-on, and knowledgeable. We proactively audit and work with you to guide you on the actions necessary to stay compliant with the laws.

HR employee handbook development.

We can also manage the daunting task of developing or updating your employee handbook. By combining your business philosophy, company practices, and procedures with legally mandated policies, helping you set the framework for the handbook’s design and content strategy.